10+ Best Narayan Murthy Quotes and Biography that will inspire in you

Narayan Murthy Quotes
Narayan Murthy Quotes

Nagavara Ramarao Narayan Murthy is the co-founder of Giant Indian MNC Infosys. Murthy is an Indian billionaire born on 20th august 1946.

He was born and brought up in Shidlaghatta, Karnataka. Murthy Completed his Bachelors from university of mysore and Master’s from Indian institude of Technology, Kanpur.

Later he married to sudha murthy, she is a social worker and author. Murthy has 2 children  son rohan murthy and daughter akshata murthy.

Murthy started infosys in 1981 with 6 others software professionals with initial capital of rs 10000/-, which was provided by her wife. He served as a CEO of infosys from 1981 to 2002. but before starting infosys he worked with IIM Ahemdabad as Chief system programmer and patni computer Systems in pune. At infosys he designed and developed the global delivery model for IT services  from india.

 in 1999, when Murthy was leading the company, Infosys was listed on NASDAQ.  Murthy was listed among the top 12th greatest entrepreneurs of our time by the Fortune magazine in 2012. He is ranked among the top 10 of the Financial Times’ list of “Business pioneers in technology”, Featured in March 2015. In 2014 and Murthy was ranked 13thamong CNBC’s 25 global business leaders who have made a large impact on society during the last 25 years. He is the first Indian winner of E&Y’s World Entrepreneur of the Year award and also he has received the Max Schmidheiny Liberty prize. He was featured by Business Week, Time, CNN, Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times, and India Today for the rankings of businessmen and innovators..

 In August 2011, he retired from the company. Later Rohan(Murthy’s son) joined Infosys an executive assistant of his father on June 01, 2013. Murthy left Infosys on 14th June 2014. his daughter akshata married to a Rishi Sunak,  the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer and Conservative MP for Richmond.

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Narayan Murthy Inspirational Quotes :

“I have always focused on the bottom line.”

“Leading by example is the most powerful advice you can give to anybody.”

“I have always looked at my competencies before accepting any responsibility.”

“I am a believer in the adage – performance leads to recognition, recognition leads to respect and respect leads to power.”

“You become a star not because of your title; you become a star because you are adding star value to the company.”

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”

“Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset.”

“If longevity is the best index to measure a company, a basic requirement is the ability of the corporation to generate new and new leaders.”

“When in doubt, disclose.”

“The real power of money is the power to give it away.”

“To me, patriotism is about working ethically and wholeheartedly in our chosen field.”

“Respect, recognition, and reward flow out of performance.”

“A clear conscience is the softest pillow in the world.”

“Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset.”“It is better to underpromise and overdeliver than vice versa. For this one need not break the law of the land.”

“How committed are you to your job? To what extent can you go for this job, the sacrifices you are willing to make?”

“The idea of 1 job for your entire life seems to have gone extinct. It appears like a context of the past and doesn’t seem to hold relevance anymore.”

“Even the most dishonest officer would want to be seen as a role model for his children.”

“Our assets walk out of the door each evening. We have to make sure that they come back the next morning.”


Now Narayan Murthy age 73 years. he has been awarded with padma shri, india’s 4th highest civilian award for his contribution to the industry in year 2000 and padma vibhusan in 2008 which is second highest civilian award for his exceptional services to IT sector in india. The performance of infosys suffered after he left, so he joined back to bring the organization back on track. he returned to the company as Executive chairman and additional chairman in june 2013.  he stepped down from Executive chairman in 2014.

Narayan Murthy’s life story teaches us not to give up and always believe, yes you can do it and you can achieve it. you don’t have to wish, you just need to decide and need to take action on it, Rest your desire to achieve, hard work and determination will pay you back.